Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend was awesome being with all the fam! We camped at the Pinnacles by Strawberry Resivour for the rest of the weekend. My dad's uncle John let us stay on his property there and it was so fun being with that side of the family. Just so nice to relax and play games. Hope everyone had fun, relaxing Memorial Day weekend's! :)

Wade and I and his Dad and Grandpa all went fishing on Saturday at Fish Creek. It was a great time, but it rained on us the whole time. Our truck got stuck in the muddy dirt road trying to get home! It took us four hours to dig out and go a little further and then get stuck again. It was a steep muddy mountain that was deffinitley not driveable at all! Poor Wade and his Dad, and Grandpa were so darn tired from digging us out for four hours each time we got stuck! We finally made it home when some guys on fourwheelers pulled our truck up the rest of the muddy mountain and got us to the top! We would have never made it alone! Crazy huh!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our fishing trip to a little city pond in Draper pond was quite the experience! Wade and I went with my brother and his girlfriend and had a good time together. I'm learning to like fishing and hiking a lot, its so crazy! Wade has definitely made me like it more and more. Anyways, we caught some large mouth bass, sun fish, and some trout! The little sun fish were so cute and little!

Once again it has been awhile since I have last updated! Wade and I have been staying busy with work and our everyday lives. This last couple of weekends have been a lot of fun, we went on a little hike to Dog Lake. We had a little picnic when we got to the top, and relaxed on our blanket for awhile. We hiked in a bunch of snow, which we didn't expect, but it was still really hot. Wade really pushed me to get to the top, I didn't think I was gonna make it!