Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vegas baby!!

We went to Vegas over the 24th to my cousin Bri's wedding and just made a little vacation out of it while we were there! Seeing and hanging with family there was lots of fun. :)

Sorry Monica your eyes are closed, but I had to put a pic of all of us! :)

My parents and my cousin Brock and his wife Heather. :)

We stayed at my uncles house and they have a zip line over their pool. It was so stinkin fun!

Krahenbuhl Family Reunion

Me Blake and Monica!
My cousin's little daughters, darling Sally and the cute twins Payten and Hallie.

My cousins and uncle Jim!

All of my Dad's brothers. :)

More cousins!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mountain View Stake Girl's Camp!

We had such a fun time at girls camp. I'm so happy to serve these young women and get to know them better. It was so much fun just messing around with them having a good time at camp. We did the zip line and that was super scary but fun! We also did some archery and sumo wrestling. Rolling around in the dirt with pillows stuffed in our clothes was so funny, we were laughing so hard! It was stake camp and the camp theme for each ward was a certain country. We learned a lot about our country China, but anyway that is why we did the sumo wrestling. These darling young women and the leaders truly teach me so much. The spirit is so strong at camp, especially during testimony meeting. I'm so happy to get to know all of them and the leaders better. All of the girls teach me so much. We have all become so close and I have come to love each and everyone of them.

4th of July Camping!

We got a nice view of the porta-potties!! Ha!

We had such a nice time camping with the Peacocks, I love watching my husband up in the mountains, he loves it so much! Wade convinced me to jump in the river. It was the coldest thing I have ever experienced, but tonz of fun!!