Sunday, August 30, 2009

A couple times this summer, Wade and I hiked up to Lake Katherine, and Lake Mary, which are just up by Brighton Ski Resort. The second time we went, we brought my brother Blake with us. It was fun just spending time with them, fishing at the lake and just relaxing. I was glad to bring my brother because he was off to college a couple weeks later at UVU. Although its not too far and we can still see him, it's just a change for everyone having him live down there. I'm so proud of Blake for getting a scholarship playing baseball at UVU and fulfilling his dreams. I just have to talk about my brother Taylor too, whom I'm also so proud of. He just recently got a job as a story board artist at Disney studios in California. I'm also so proud of him for fulfilling his dream and going for it. I love my brothers so much and will miss them, we are all so close, luckily Blake will be not too far, but Tay and Sara will be a little further, so we are just gonna have to make some trips to California and go and visit them often! Love ya Tay and Sara, I'm gonna miss you both! We are going down to California this week to move them down there and make a little trip out of it and go to Disney Land. Babe, I will miss you, be safe hunting I'm sorry that you can't come! I will post pictures when I get back! Also I just wanted to add a little tid bit to not leave out my husband and my parents and tell them how much I love and appreciate all of them very much for all they do for me and thanks Wade for working so hard to support us, I love you! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello Everyone! I recently got a new job medical assisting at a Family Practice Office in Draper, and the transition has been really good, lots of training and having to come out of my comfort zone though. I have learned a lot though and am doing things I never thought I could do so it has been a neat experience. I really needed the change, and this opportunity came for a new job, but I miss my old friends at the pediatric office, but I am making new friends and I hope all goes well! It really has been a fun summer spending time with our families and friends. Last weekend we got to go camping at Lodge Pole with the Peacock family. We had fun with the little cousins playing some volleyball, and just hangin with everyone around camp. We also went on a very pretty hike and carved our name in a tree up on the mountain, so now we can show our kids someday.:) I just want to thank my husband for making me love the outdoors, he really has made me appreciate how beautiful our state is, and I love spending time with him doing things we both now love.