Monday, March 1, 2010

California Trip

Wade and I just got back from a little trip in Cali. We went to hang with Taylor and Sara and go to Disney Land. We had so much fun hangin with them for a few days and having fun. Thanks so much for having us, we loved seeing you guys! :)

California Trip!

We had our picture drawn at Universal Studios, and just about died laughing at this one! I know you are laughing too right now! He He! So funny huh! :)

Saw this guy literally dumpster diving right outside my brothers apartment in Cali. Wade told me to blog this one. We were dying. Poor guy.

Youth Conference in Aspen Grove!

Playin fun games with the boys and girls!
We made quilts as a service project for the people in Haiti.

Cross country skiing which I have never done, it was so much fun, except for when you fall on your bum! :)
Some of my girls in Young Womens.

Wade and I are in Young Womens/Young Mens and have really enjoyed being with the youth in our ward. I love young womens, my girls are so darling. I love hanging with them every week. Youth Conference was such a great idea to have in February because the summer months can get quite busy. It was so fun having Wade there with me because he is also in Young Mens. We went cross country skiiing and had so much fun. We also did quite a few activities while we were there and had a lot of fun. :)