Monday, September 7, 2009

My cousin Tanner in the red and his brothers Brock and Boe at our family reunion in June 09' Tanner's last race in Powder Mountain Utah finishing 1st!

A horrible tragedy has occured in our family. One week ago my cousin Tanner was coming down Powder Mountain (Ogden) in their motor home with a trailer hooked on the back full of motorcross bikes, and they lost their breaks and rolled off the mountain and my cousin was killed. He was with his best friend and his mechanic who had sever injuries, but survived. This was such a tragic accident and our whole family is devistated. We had a trip planned to go to California to move Taylor and Sara to California, so we drove there, and then we drove back for the funeral in Vegas on Saturday. This last week has been so hard for everyone, especially my aunt and uncle who are Tanner's parents, and just for the whole family. It just hurts so bad that his parents have to go on with their lives without their boy, I can't even imagine how painful that would be. He was so deeply loved and will be missed so so much by all of us. We have never had something so tragic like this happen to our family, we have been so sad. It truly has made us think so much about life and how precious it is, but we have been so comforted by the gospel and what we believe and the plan of salvation. This has been so so hard and many tears have been shed, but we know we will see him again and we know he is in a better place. What a beautiful funeral service we attended, it gave so much comfort and was so fun to hear so many fun stories of Tanner. We cried and we laughed, but we were so comforted by the words that we heard in the funeral. Tanner, my cousin, was deeply involved with motorcross and was a rising star in his sport. Tanner was also very close to going pro in motorcross. We are so proud of Tanner and will miss him so much. "Ride on Tanner!!" We love you!!!